Experienced Hiring Officer (資深招聘專員)
        7500-8499 | 浙江省杭州市 | 全職 | 本科及以上
        溫馨提示:抵制招聘詐騙,加強自我保護,以任何理由索取財物,均涉嫌違法,請提高警惕! 點擊舉報
        • 職位類別:人力/行政
        • 招聘人數:1人
        • 工作經驗:不限
        • 語言要求:英語
        • 聯系人: 付女士
        • 聯系人電話: +86(571)8887-5275
        • 需求專業:不限專業

        Position: Experienced Hiring Officer (資深招聘專員)


        1)    Develop the tactics for employment and labor flexibility

        2)    Fulfill hiring needs and realize labor flexibility based on business demand in peak season and low season

        3)    Vendor management, to ensure compliance and good performance of outsourcing companies

        4)     Monitor and improve associates service process, to ensure good associates satisfaction and engagement

        5)    Handle employment relation case with professional level

        6)    Co-work with HRBP for HR related projects in shop floor



        1)    2 years working experience in manufacturing industry, Human Resource area or excellent graduates

        2)     Good at communication and coordination

        3)    Target oriented and customer oriented

        4)    Good sense of responsibility